Characteristically, a modern welfare society is set up on the humanitarian doctrine of give and take. Here, rights rightly beget certain duties. As a token of CSR agenda, such sacred ethics serve as ethos to involve the well being of common populace popularly called in colloquial language “Aam Adami”. In consonance with this corporate culture, ECP Industries Ltd. Has shouldered the formation and operation of North Odisha Farmers and Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd. (NOFMC).


The nucleus of the project is “Govikas” etymologically it means the development of cows and improvement in quantity and quality. But euphemistically it denotes and “vikas” as upward graphic movement, implying as a whole the antithesis of stagnation or inaction. To elaborate the point explicitly, usually the painstaking farmers sit idle fingers crossed after the harvesting season and while away most part of the year in futile unproductive rendezvous. Clearly this refers to the wastage f precious labour or robust man power in a state fertile and filled with natural resources.


NOFMC primarily emphasizes on milch-animal rearing with activities like biogas, vermin composting, feed mixing, calf-rearing, fodder and azola cultivation etc. in an integrated way. More over other inter related lucrative community activities- both labour and technology oriented- like agriculture, horticulture and livestock consultancy are within its focus.


This mega project is basking under the dynamic leadership of director Ms. Supreety Mishra endowed with inherent zeal and jest to launch it ahead with the aid and advice of a board of experienced directors.


It trains and retains eligible farmers, equips them with necessary scientific know-how, round the clock door step veterinary service and efficient marketing network.